Carseland School is located in Wheatland County in the center of the community of Carseland. Carseland is located 23 km south of Cheadle and 26 km south of Strathmore. For the 2020-2021 school year, Carseland School is comprised of 82 students and 12 staff members.

Carseland prides itself on the quality education it offers to its students through its experienced and dedicated staff and the schools focus on creating engaging and meaningful learning opportunities for all students. Carseland School ranks very well in academic standing and has ranked above provincial average in accountability pillar results. If you would like more information on our school please do not hesitate to call or email, or simply stop by our office.


“Small School with the BIG Heart”


Carseland School holds a belief in the potential of all students. At the center of Carseland School is the practice of our six core values, which are highlighted throughout the building, celebrated in assemblies and student leadership initiatives, and form the foundation of excellence in our school community.








Principal's Message

Dear Carseland School Families,

I am thrilled to welcome you all back to the 2020/2021 school year. While our school year ended differently last year with the introduction of an at-home learning platform, I am thankful that our close relationships with our students, families, and community continue to grow. 

With these unprecedented times, we will see some changes to school processes with the implementation of health and safety recommendations to aid in keeping our students and staff safe. As a school community, we will see heightened cleaning practices, routines and procedures to promote social distancing where possible and changes to entry and dismissal to decrease crowding of students. Further details of specific measures that will be taken by Carseland School will be communicated closer to the start of the school year. Although these processes will be new and different I have no doubt that together we can make it a success.

Although we will experience small changes to regular school routines, the core of Carsleand School will remain the same. Carseland School will continue to make our students our top priority. We will continue to offer unique programming, such as outdoor learning opportunities, a daily hot lunch program that will offer a nutritional lunch to all students, high academic standards and an inclusive learning environment that puts students first. 

The greatest characteristic of Carsleand School is that it holds true to its motto of “the very small school with the big heart.” Carseland School is a place where staff, families and communities come together to create an environment that is safe for our students to ensure their success. Together I am confident that we can navigate the year ahead and I am thankful to approach this year as part of the Carsleand School family. I look forward to seeing all our students back on September 1st!



Ms. LaToya Bartlett