Unfortunately for the 2019/2020 school year there is no choir. However, right now, students are practicing Christmas songs in their classes for the upcoming Christmas concert.


The dance club is broken down into two groups.  Grades K-3 focus on basic movement dances and work on choreography and different styles of dance. Grade 4-6 build on the knowledge of different dance styles and add in the skill of stunting to their performance.

Drama Club

The 2019/2020 Drama Club is under the direction of Ms.Bartlett and has members from both grade 5 and 6.  Students have worked on many different types of theater including radio plays and writing their own scripts! Currently the Drama Club is preparing for the Christmas Concert performance on Thursday December 19.
The Drama Club uses many resources including those found on Drama Notebook Script Library.


S.W.I.M. (Students With Important Messages) is a student leadership group within our school. The team consists of an enthusiastic and caring group of students who meet on Mondays. The door is open to anyone who would like to take part in activities that day. It is a special space that reinforces that everyone matters and that we all have amazing gifts and talents. During S.W.I.M. Team students work on wellness projects. These projects focus on making healthy choices and being positive difference makers. Social and emotional wellbeing is an essential piece to comprehensive school health and to learning and is one of the central pieces to this program.

Sport Teams

Carseland Wildcat’s participate in the elementary sporting events throughout the division. Students from grades 5-6 participate in both the Volleyball and Basketball tournaments and games. GO WILDCATS!